Vegan Breakfast Smoothie Recipes


Vegan Breakfast Smoothie Recipes

Here are our 3 favorite vegan breakfast smoothie recipes, sure to brighten even the dullest morning!

Each recipe makes one 250ml glass (approx.) and you can get the info on all of the superfoods mentioned here.

Berry Delicious

Berry Delicious Breakfast SmoothieThis recipe is super sweet and filling, with plenty of protein and fiber to give you that extra pep in your step each morning.

You will need:
1 ripe banana (you can slice and freeze this ahead of time so that your smoothie is extra cold)
A handful of each berry – blueberries, raspberries, cranberries work well (Fresh or frozen)
A handful spinach
¾ cup (175ml) unsweetened almond milk
2 tsp baobab powder
2 tsp maca powder
1 tbsp chia seeds

1. Slice your banana and place all of your fruit into your blender. A Nutribullet or the Breville blender work fine. This allows you to prepare your smoothie in the bottle and just replace the blade top with your lid.
2. We like to add the baobab and maca next, followed by the almond milk.
Tip: Add the milk directly on top of the powder until completely covered so that it won’t stick to the edges.
3. Blend for 30 – 60 seconds until smooth.
4. Stir in your chia seeds and enjoy!

The Chocoholic

The Chocoholic Vegan Breakfast SmoothieYou will need:
1 ripe banana (you can slice and freeze this ahead of time so that your smoothie is extra cold)
A large handful of blueberries (fresh or frozen)
¾ cup (175ml) unsweetened almond milk
2 tsp cacao powder
1 tsp maca powder
1 tsp vanilla extract

1. Place all of your fruit into your blender.
2. Add your cacao powder, maca powder and vanilla extract.
3. Top up with your almond milk.
4. Blend until smooth, this should take around 30 seconds.
5. Enjoy the chocolatey goodness!

Tropical Paradise

Tropical Paradise Breakfast SmoothieYou will need:
A handful of chopped pineapple
A handful of chopped mango
½ cup not from concentrate orange juice
¼ cup almond milk for creaminess
1 tsp baobab powder
Squeeze of lemon

1. Place all of your fruit into your blender
2. Add your baobab.
3. Top with orange juice, almond milk and a squeeze of lemon.
4. Blend until smooth, 30 – 60 seconds.
5. Sip on your smoothie and float away to an island paradise!

If you have enjoyed these Vegan Breakfast Smoothie Recipes, please let us know in the comments below.



  1. Hi Fran
    The recipes all sound delicious and since I’m vegetarian, I like the fact that they are all vegan. One question I have is you mention “baobab power” on all your recipes and I’m not sure what that is and whether there is that can replace that if I can’t find it in the local store?

    1. Hi Ayako,

      Thanks for commenting. I’m glad you enjoyed the recipes and think that they sound delicious, they really are!

      Baobab is a Superfruit powder that has an amazing sherbet like quality, so it can be used in fruity recipes as a sweetener. We have a post here that gives more information about where it can be purchased,

      It is available at Amazon and most health food stores. It is not essential to the recipe so can be left out if you do not have it, but we love the taste of it and the impressive health benefits.

      All the best,

  2. I really must order my blender so I can try these tasty smoothie recipes you have provided, they all sound so healthy and nutritional. My blender broke recently and I am shopping for a new one, maybe you can recommend one for me which would be good for making smoothies and for only one or two people since i am single and live alone.

    1. Jeffrey,

      Thanks for taking the time to comment. I’m pleased you enjoyed our smoothie recipes.

      Absolutely, they are healthy and delicious too!

      To answer your question, we can recommend the Breville Blend Active as a personal blender it would be perfect for your needs. You can read the full review by clicking the link below.

      This model is however only available in the UK, so if you are located in the United States then I would recommend the Oster My Blend Blender. We have a full review on this product coming very soon to the site so watch out for that.

      All the best,


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