Is It Possible To Lose 20 Pounds In Two Months?


Is It Possible To Lose 20 Pounds In Two MonthsSo your question is, is it possible to lose 20 pounds in two months? The answer is yes, absolutely! Keep reading and we will tell you the secret to losing 20 pounds or even more in two months…

In this post we will give you a step by step guide to losing those 20 pounds in two months but you can follow these effective tips whatever your weight loss goals might be. Please check out the links for more detail on any of the ideas that we mention.

Firstly, let’s break it down. You are looking to lose 20 pounds in two months, so you have eight weeks, that’s around 60 days or 1,440 hours, and in those 1,440 hours you can focus on what you are eating and keep yourself moving so that losing those 20 pounds, which is equivalent to 10 bags of sugar, will be easy as pie!

Is It Possible To Lose 20 Pounds in Two MonthsHere at Drop My Belly Fat we recommend a multi-level approach to fat loss around your midsection. We believe that if you want your body to look and feel great you need to keep it moving, keep it happy and keep it nourished. Therefore, we will look at the three aspects that we want you to focus on in turn: diet, exercise and wellbeing.


How To Lose Belly Fat With Diets FruitExperts say that your figure is 80% determined by your diet and the other 20% by any exercise that you do. Therefore, it follows that if you are looking to lose weight fast then you need to look first at what you are eating.

As a general guide your diet should be high in protein, low to moderate in carbohydrates and low in fat with plenty of fruit, vegetables, and soluble fiber. We would not recommend cutting out any food groups in particular, but eating a well-balanced nutritious diet, though if you are looking for quick weight loss results some of the plans will suggest that you limit sugar or fat.

You can follow our Belly Fat Diet Plan for Women which gives you a weekly meal guide with meal ideas for breakfast, lunch and dinner every day of the week, and which keeps your calorie intake below 1,350 every day. The meals are nutritious, tasty and simple to prepare.

Lean Belly BreakthroughFor a more specialized program with recommendations about nutritional supplements and a tailored exercise program to give your weight loss a boost, check out Lean Belly Breakthrough. We have written a full review on it here and this program will give you meal plans, plus tell you more about the foods, minerals and supplements you should be having in order to experience optimum health.

Following a diet plan such as these will help you to achieve a sustainably healthy body and mind. You can find out more about the best foods to eat in order to lose belly fat by reading the posts below.

What Foods To Eat To Lose Belly Fat – The 411

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Best Exercise RunningThe key to weight loss is taking on fewer calories than you burn, so whilst you need to be consuming just the right amount of calories from healthy and nutritious food, you need to be burning them off too. This is where exercise comes in. You can choose whichever form of exercise works for you or ideally a combination of a few. To achieve that cardio burn we recommend running or HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training). Regularly doing cardiovascular exercise will help to reduce your overall body fat percentage. Running is one of our favorites because it is hugely beneficial for body and mind. Click here for a beginner’s guide to running.

The 3 Week DietFor a great workout plan included as part of a comprehensive diet program then check out The 3 Week Diet. It includes 20 minute HIIT workouts that you can do three to four times a week. HIIT makes for a great full body workout which combines short bursts of high intensity exercise with short rest periods. It will help you lose weight quickly and is great for building stamina. It can be more effective than normal cardio because the high intensity allows you to increase your aerobic and anaerobic endurance while burning more fat than normal.

With The 3 Week Diet you also get an ab workout, which contains simple exercises but the results are truly miraculous! You also get a personalized diet plan included. This program is great if you are looking for quick results from a plan that works. See the full review here.

For more on this topic, you can check out our complete guide to the Best Exercise for Belly Fat Loss.


Gentle Yoga BookWhen we talk about wellbeing, we are referring to your overall mental wellbeing which can of course be influenced not only by the food you eat and the exercise you do, but also your environment and any daily challenges you may face. Whilst these will vary from person to person our goal here is to help you achieve a sense of balance and contentment. If you get the 3 Week Diet program you get the motivation manual which includes tips and tricks to keep you on the right track.

Another great way of tuning in to your inner being is through yoga. It is great for not only shedding those pounds, but also for relaxing and calming your mind, and de-stressing after a long day. You can find out about the holistic benefits here. Practicing yoga will also help you lose more weight than you would otherwise, believe it or not! It will build your core strength and improve muscle tone. It can be an effective weight loss tool and vastly improve your fitness level, even if you are new to exercise. Yoga Burn is a program we recommend for rapid weight loss. There is a yoga program to suit everyone and you can find the one to suit you by reading this post.Yoga Burn

Follow the above diet, exercise and wellbeing guide and you will be well on your way to losing those pounds and achieving the body of your dreams.

Please let us know how you get on and tell us if this post “Is it possible to lose 20 pounds in 2 months”, was helpful to you by getting involved in the discussion below.


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