Heart Healthy Breakfast Recipes To Kickstart Your Day The Right Way


With these heart healthy breakfast recipes you can get your day off to a great start. Once you start your day off right, you can be more healthy and productive for the rest of the day!

Although many of the recipes we give you involve standard pantry items, some recipes do call for certain superfoods. The nutritional benefits of the superfoods mentioned in this post can be found here along with info on where to buy.

Eggs Baked in AvocadoEggs Baked In Avocado

This recipe is chock full of healthy fats and is also tasty to boot.

You will need:

1 Ripe Avocado
2 Eggs
Salt and Pepper
1 Red Chili, thinly sliced (you can remove the seeds if you don’t like it hot)


1. Cut the avocado in half, remove the stone and scoop out a generous spoonful of flesh to make room for the egg. (We recommend eating this straight off the spoon!)
2. Next, crack one egg into each avocado halve and sprinkle with a little salt and pepper.
3. Place the avocado halves on a microwaveable plate and cook for 2 minutes, checking them every 30 seconds. You want firm egg whites but the yolks slightly runny.
4. Leave to stand for 1 minute, sprinkle with chili and enjoy!

Inspiration for this recipe taken from Lean in 15 by Joe Wicks. Available now from Amazon.com and Amazon.co.uk


Honey Crunch GranolaHoney Nut Crunch Granola

This homemade honey nut crunch granola is seriously tasty and once baked can be stored for 1-2 weeks. It contains much less sugar than shop bought varieties. If you don’t have time to make your own then we recommend Rude Health The Ultimate Granola (Organic) which contains no refined sugars. Click above to shop Amazon.com or here for Amazon.co.uk.

You will need:

2 cups Oats
¼ cup Honey
¼ cup Coconut Oil
1 cup Mixed Dried Fruit – Raisins, Cranberries, Apricots
½ cup each of 3 Nuts – Pecans, Almonds, Walnuts
½ cup each of Seeds – Sunflower & Pumpkin
2 tsp Cinnamon
1 tsp Ground Ginger


1. Pre-heat your oven to 340F (170C) and heat the coconut oil and honey in the baking tray in which you will bake your granola, until melted.
2. Roughly chop or crush the nuts.
3. Mix together your dry ingredients in a bowl. (Tip: It’s best to add the dried fruit after the granola has been baked and cooled)
4. Add the melted mixture and stir well.
5. Pour into the baking tray, pressing down with the back of a spoon and bake for 40 minutes, turning occasionally.
6. Serve with almond milk and fresh berries.

Inspiration for this recipe taken from here, this and more excellent recipes are included in Eat Smart by Niomi Smart. Available now from Amazon.com and Amazon.co.uk

Heart Healthy Breakfast Recipes Cacao & Banana OatmealCacao & Banana Oatmeal

This oatmeal is so yummy is could almost be dessert!

You will need:

½ cup Oats
½ cup Almond Milk (Depends on your desired consistency, you can add more as required)
3 tsp Cacao Powder
1 tsp Honey
½ tsp Cinnamon
1 ripe Banana
A handful of Blueberries


1. Add your oats and almond milk to a pan on medium heat.
2. Next, add in your cacao powder, stir in well.
3. Pour in your honey and cook for 3-4 minutes until heated throughout.
4. Once you have taken the pan off the heat add your sliced banana, berries and cinnamon.
5. Serve and enjoy!


Simple MuesliMuesli Natural Yoghurt

Sometimes the simple ones are the best.

You will need:

Muesli of your choice (We recommend Rude Health The Ultimate Organic Muesli (US/UK)
Natural Yoghurt (Quantity as desired)
Mixed Berries


1. Simply add your muesli and a couple of spoonfuls of natural yoghurt to a bowl and top with mixed berries.
2. Enjoy!

If you have enjoyed these Heart Healthy Breakfast Recipes, please let us know in the comments below.

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  1. Wow, those recipes look so delicious. Especially the cacao and banana oatmeal! It made my mouth water looking at the picture. Do you recommend using almond milk because it’s healthier than cow’s milk? Or does it actually alter the taste of the recipe?

    Thanks, I’ll definitely be trying some of these!

    1. Louise,

      Thanks for commenting. I’m glad you enjoyed the recipes.

      I would say that it improves the taste of the oatmeal recipe. I personally prefer it because it gives a creamy, slight nutty taste but this is only very slight and not overpowering. I also like that I don’t feel bloated in the way that I do after consuming cow’s milk. You can of course make this recipe with cow’s milk and it will still be super tasty!

      All the best,


  2. Mmm the baked eggs in avocado looks yummy, I think I might have to try these on Sunday! I’m always wary of eating too much avocado, but I know that it’s “healthy fat”. Do you know the recommended maximum amount of avocado that should be eaten per week? Or is there no maximum?

    The oatmeal also looks tasty, just wondered is cacao the same as cocoa powder???

    1. Caroline,

      Thank you for your comment. I’m so pleased you enjoyed the recipes.

      That’s right, avocados can be considered a healthy fat, this is because they contain lots of heart-healthy mono-unsaturated fats and are an excellent source of soluble fiber (between 11 and 17 grams per avocado) meaning that they will keep you fuller for longer. If you eat a 2,000 calorie diet, you should plan on having no more than 30 grams of fat a day. When you consider that a serving of fat is five grams, women need an average of about six fat servings per day, which is the amount of fat in one avocado. So you could use up your daily fat intake by having one avocado but like anything they are fine in moderation and you can spread your allowance over the week, meaning that you are fine to have more than half an avocado a day here and there.

      The oatmeal is so tasty and simple to make, you should definitely try it out. Cacao is the raw, unprocessed form of cocoa. It is a superfood and an excellent source of antioxidants, iron, calcium and magnesium. You can read more about it in this post.


      All the best,


  3. Hi, thankyou for these wonderful looking recipes. Breakfast has always been a struggle for me as I really don’t want to waste time making a huge bacon and eggs breakfast which ends up making me feel bloated and tyred anyway. These recipes look quick and easy and light on your digestive system. I will be trying your Cacao and banana oatmeal recipe out as I love cacao. thanks again. Joanne

    1. Joanne,

      Thanks for taking the time to comment. I’m really pleased you like the recipes, I hope you enjoy trying them out. They are super quick and simple to make and the Cacao and Banana Oatmeal really is tasty!

      All the best,


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