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Healthy Snack Subscription BoxesProduct: TRIBE Nutritional Fuel Box (Subscription)
Price: First box is free with a referral link, after that each box is £8.65
Where to buy:
Format: Weekly, fortnightly or monthly – Free delivery and cancel any time
Best for: Everyone – You can tailor your preferences based on the amount of training you do
Our Rating: 4.5/5 Stars
Please note: These products are currently only available for delivery to UK addresses.

“Natural Sports Nutrition, Delivered”

We recently came across Tribe products by trying a subscription to the service in training for a half-marathon, so we wanted to do a full review on these healthy snack subscription boxes for our readers.

What is TRIBE?

The TRIBE Pack is a subscription pack of six 100% natural sports nutrition products delivered to your door. They are designed to provide energy and enhance recovery to ensure you get the most out of your training. Packs are sent on a weekly, fortnightly or monthly basis. You can set this, as well as other preferences through a quiz when you first sign up to the service.

Tribe Maca BarWhen you click to “Get Started” you will be asked about the type of training you do, be it weight training, running, cycling or triathlon. Then you can specify if you are training for a particular event and how often you are training per week, plus your gender. You can skip all of these questions if you choose to and then you will be given the standard range of products, 3 x energy and 3 x recovery. You can make changes to this at any time and also specify which Tribe products you would like to receive and which you would prefer not to, if there are any flavors you just don’t like. This is also great if you have a favorite (ours is the Chia & Cacao Nibs Tribe 10 Bar) as you can make sure that you receive this as much as you like.

What does a typical box look like?

Tribe Box ContentsEnergy
1 x Sahara Trail Mix – Mulberry & Pistachio
1 x Infinity Classic Bar
1 x Blaze Trails Bar – Sour Cherry & Buckwheat
1 x Cocoa Recovery Shake
1 x Tribe 10 Bar – Chia & Cacao Nibs
1 x Tribe 10 Bar – Mountain Maca

You also get a product booklet giving all of the nutritional information about each product and the TRIBE LIFE newsletter about all things TRIBE.

We recommend the subscription box but if you don’t like the idea of subscribing, then you can still get access to the products by buying a booster pack, which can be fully customised and contains 18 natural sports nutrition products, where you can specify a specific flavor or a variety pack, if you want a mixture, alternatively you can “Build Your Own”.

Are the products healthy?

Yes, absolutely, what we like about TRIBE is that they are all about natural sports nutrition. As they rightly say, sports nutrition products are all too often packed full of refined sugars and chemicals we would never dream of eating as part of a healthy diet. They believe that natural products are the best source of nutrition and started TRIBE to make just this.

All TRIBE products are:
• Made from 100% natural ingredients, using no chemicals, preservatives, sulphites or refined sugars.
• Nutritionally formulated for energy or recovery.
• Obsessively road-tested by the TRIBE community before release, ensuring they are perfect.

Are the products vegan?

They use plant based proteins and the only non-vegan ingredients across all of their ranges is honey. They include honey because it is real and natural, is not manufactured and contains vitamins, minerals and antioxidants . Approximately two thirds of their products are vegan (the TRIBE 10 bars are not) and you can find out which ones these are on their website.

Are the products gluten free?

All of their products are gluten free, except for the Infinity Classic and Infinity Banoffee bars.

Is there anything else I should know?

TRIBE also do weekly runs and events, you can get involved by checking out their website and connecting on Facebook and Twitter. You can join 1,000 other TRIBE runners and riders at the Run For Love event taking on 2,000km from Sarajevo to London to fight human trafficking. To find out more visit

• All natural ingredients in their products
• Many products are vegan and gluten free
• Good value
• Completely customisable
• Free delivery

• We really can’t find any!

The Verdict

We think you should definitely try out these boxes for free with the promo code and if you like it, which we are sure you will, then you can carry on enjoying the products via the subscription.

You can try it out by clicking here.

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