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Product: Brilliant Yoga
Price: $37
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Format: E-Book (For DVD & Digital format try Yoga Burn)
Best for: Beginners to Advanced
My Rating: 4 Stars

“The Brilliant Weight Loss and Wellbeing System” – A Complete “How To” Guide for Yoga

The Brilliant Yoga program is completely rooted in the ancient practice. It will help you develop your fitness levels and overall flexibility with advanced techniques that you will find you can quickly master. This is because of the in depth descriptions and step-by-step photographs for all of the postures. Thousands of people from all over the world have used this gentle yoga book to ease their back problems, aching joints, improve balance, and relieve stress and fatigue.

The key benefit of the Brilliant Yoga program is the 234 page e-book which is an excellent resource for in depth practice, providing session plans and step-by-step instructions for each posture, along with quality photographs. This is ideal if you want to move through the practice at your own pace. They also provide an excellent additional e-book which explains stretches that can help eliminate back pain.

Gentle Yoga BookUnlike other yoga books out there, the Brilliant Yoga program was developed by a team of experts and yoga teachers. The information is the most accurate and up to date with current practice as you will find. With the help of the Brilliant Yoga e-book, you’ll immediately feel and see the difference. It can help you get a smaller tummy, lower your stress levels, improve your posture and relax your mind.

It is great for all ages and levels of fitness. Beginners will enjoy an introduction to the practice which allows them to go at their own pace, whilst experienced yogis will find techniques to deepen poses and really help them make the most of their practice. Enthusiasts have testified that yoga has helped them achieve results which have gone way beyond their expectations. In fact, many of them will even say that they feel 20 years younger!

After going through the poses, you will find that your stress levels will decrease and your energy levels increase. Yoga will help you to loosen up tight areas, strengthen muscles and tone your body. It not only helps your body but also your mind, you will be amazed at the results! Brilliant Yoga has helped many people improve their self-confidence and reclaim their toned body from years ago. Now, they feel more attractive and can wear the clothes that they want.

Ashtanga Yoga PoseThe Brilliant Yoga e-book is an all-in-one solution. The whole package comes with free additional materials that will make it easier for you to achieve your health and wellness goals. For just $37, you get the whole package that contains the Brilliant Yoga e-book and the bonus materials “How to Stop Back Pain”, “The Essential Guide to Pilates” and “Stretching & Calisthenics Made Easy”. These informative reads complement the main guide and will help you achieve immediate, life changing results.

Purchasing Brilliant Yoga is risk free. It comes with an 8-week money back guarantee and if you are not completely satisfied with the results you can request a refund. One of the amazing things about Brilliant Yoga is their exceptional after sales support. Their customer service team is made up of very efficient and highly reliable staff who are always there to help you out. Brilliant Yoga guarantee satisfaction with every purchase. We think that there is nothing quite like it and you should really see it for yourself.

The Verdict

We recommend yoga to everyone we know and as soon as we found this guide we knew it was an accessible way for anyone to connect with the ancient practice. We don’t endorse anything we don’t love so you can be sure that you won’t regret giving this a go.

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