Best Yoga Gear For Women


Best Yoga Gear For Women

We have several posts on our site devoted to the practice of yoga but we realized we don’t know yet have a definitive guide to the best yoga gear for women that you can find. These are the items that definitely need to accompany to your next class, and if you prefer home practice, you’ll be lost without these accessories. They come highly recommended and are super affordable.

1. Yoga Mat

Best Yoga Gear For Women Yoga MatOf course, a good yoga mat is essential to feeling comfortable and secure in every pose you do in yoga. You want to make sure that the yoga mat you choose ensures stability by being the correct thickness and material for traction. We love a bright pop of color from our yoga mat so we recommend this one in Purple. It is the perfect thickness and comes with handy carrying strap. If you prefer a muted color, this sleek black one should do the trick.

Please note: The above are links, for UK readers click here for Purple and here for Black.

2. Foam Roller or Block

A foam roller is not just great for rolling out those aching muscles it can also help mould you into poses, especially if you are trying them for the first time. Its primary purpose is of course helping release tension from those tight areas before and after you workout and it is a great tool for this. For tips on foam rolling check out this post. You can also consider a block or cushion to help support you in certain poses, for instance dandasana.

Please note: The above are links, for UK readers click here for the foam roller and here for the block.

3. Yoga Outfit

Victoria's Secret Yoga OutfitNo yoga practice is complete without a killer outfit. Now the main thing you want to go for here is clothing that allows you comfort and flexibility. The last thing you need when you are practicing your downward dog is for your clothing to split or become see through. We find the classic yoga pants style works best for us, with a fitted top that is still moveable and breathable, but is not going to get all up in our face when we are doing sirsasana. If you prefer a more fitted leg, then the yoga leggings pictured right, should work well for you. They also go great with the top!

Please note: The above are US links, for UK readers click here for the top, here for the yoga pants and here for the leggings.

4. Water Bottle

Best Yoga Gear For Women Water BottleNow your yoga arsenal would not be complete without adding this essential piece of kit. Yoga can get pretty intense at times so a water bottle is a must. We carry one with us wherever we go so that we can keep hydrated without really thinking about it. These bottles are handy as they remind you how much you should have consumed by each time of day. It schedules our H2O consumption to perfection!

Please note: The above link is to, UK readers can click here for the water bottle.

5. Towel

Best Yoga Gear For Women TowelIn line with tip no. 4, when things get a bit hot and sweaty you may want a towel to use. We are in love with the pattern of this one and recommend it to everyone we know!

Please note: The above is an link, UK readers please click here for the towel.

6. Flip Flops

Yoga Mat Flip FlopsIf you are going to class then you want something you can easily slip on and off and these flip flops are ideal. They are the perfect flip flops to wear to class and they also happen to be made from yoga mats i.e. they are cushiony soft and fit like a glove. We wear these all the time and they are super comfortable for everyday wear. Check them out here.

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